Karyn Crisis’ Gospel of the Witches is  currently working on their new album “COVENANT.”

Says Karyn,
  “It’s been a long journey since we last connected during the release of ‘Salem’s Wounds.’

While our debut began as a crowdfunded album, and was succesfully released with Century Media acting

as the last campaign funder, the band is now lable-less.

Century Media was bought out by Sony and Sony dropped GOTW.

 We will fund this album ourselves, bit by bit. We're set to record drums  in the spring  and we'll continue

from there."
Once again, Karyn will have handmade collectible items accompanying the release of “Covenant.”
 Keep an eye on or facebook page, website, and instagram for updates. 


Intagram:  @gospelofthewitches


“Ominous atmospheres between Occult-Metal, Doom, and gothic opulence that are solely dedicated to Karyn’s voice.” -Metal Hammer, Germany

"The unmatched talent in painting with sound, the weaving of improbable chord progressions into passages that strike the ear with such immanent necessity they make the discordant nature of the harmonies sound natural and organic: all of this [Davide] Tiso magic is present, but now, perhaps for the first time ever, it is in service to a vision larger than his own. The synergistic benefit of this is immediate and profound upon the listener – he has never written or performed better than this." -MetalIreland.com

"Frankly, this is the most womanly heavy metal imaginable. Karyn Crisis does not use the sounds of metal to explore some stereotyped sphere of femininity: rather, this is a bold exploration of the manmade world of heavy metal envisaged and led by a relentlessly female spirit." -Metalireland.com

"Timeless masterpiece, supreme immortal art of the highest order. Perfect occult metal."  -Kickassmetal.wordpress.com

"Some of the most unique extreme metal I’ve heard this year." 

- NewNoise

“…captivating from start to finish…and to be rather blatant, this is fucking phenomenal stuff.” -Metal-discovery.com

"Clearly a labour of love for all involved, ‘Salem’s Wounds’ is a stunning occult rock album, a work of tremendous depth and passion that will yield many rewards with repeated listening."-AVENOCTUM.com

"Salem's Wounds is one of the most sensory-captivating records of recent memory ---- a disc capable of eliciting goose bumps in waves after waves, both musically and lyrically." - antiMusic.com

August 7 2018___ Karyn Crisis' Gospel Of The Witches has begun  recording sessions  at Sharkbite Studios  Oakland, California for their new album    "COVENANT."  The band is funding the recording themselves and therefore recording sessions in phases.  

Davide Tiso has completed his guitar sessions, ​​ engineered by Scott Evans of Antisleep Audio.​​ Please enjoy the new studio video

teasers and expect more updates to come!

May 8 2018___ Karyn Crisis' Gospel Of The Witches has begun  recording sessions  at Sharkbite Studios  Oakland, California for their new album   "COVENANT."  The band is funding the recording themselves and therefore recording sessions in phases.  

Fabian Vestod  has completed his drum sessions, ​​ engineered by Scott Evans of Antisleep Studios. ​​ Please enjoy the new studio video teaser and expect more updates to come!

"...an outstandingly good album showcasing one of the finest female vocalists of the last two decades. To me, listening to the gripping and engrossing Salem’s Wounds feels like holding Karyn’s hand as she sees through the eyes of those slaughtered innocents of the infamous witch trials... the darker parts of the album are not evil, and certainly not satanic. They are about evil. The Gospel of Witches approach is built on an experimental combination of Gothic dark metal and atmospheric doom...pagan drumming...guitar work [that] is structured around poignant, melancholic melody lines.  Salem’s Wounds has inserted itself into my cold heart and (sometimes) logical brain. It has joined the top contenders for my albums-of-the-year list. I highly recommend you add it your shopping list." -Soniccathedral.com

“…Madame Crisis is the only woman capable of preserving the heritage of Fear-Of-God front woman Dawn Crosby (R.I.P.). Songs like “The Alchemist” or the manic “Mother” are psychedelic monster grimaces, graceful and cruel at the same time and coming with a hypnotic knock-on effect.” -Rock Hard, Germany

“Above all, ‘Salem’s Wound’ stands out from the bulk of current Occult-Rock and Metal releases with its extremely distinct songs"   - LEGACY

“...my heart skipped a beat, and my excitement was justified upon first listen…the whole flow of the album is just perfect…beautiful…I absolutely love it..I would recommend to fans of Moonspell, A Perfect Circle…EXCEPTIONAL” -metaltemple.com

" I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the latest release from this heavy metal enchantress…emotionally charged vocals...dark ethereal feel to the music...a cool amalgamation of the different moods…Listening to Crisis sing through the verses makes you appreciate not only her talent, but the conviction with which she sings,” -magazine.100percentrock.com

"...mesmerizing, a musical ascension of sorts...by the end of this album, the listener is left with a somber and dirge-like atmosphere, prepping the ear to trade in what’s it known from its physical life for a second helping of spiritual self-discovery. In a manner common to all things esoteric, the album’s chants and dark, meandering atmosphere leaves the listener with a feeling of transition, waiting for something “more”. -Metal Riot.com

"This is a welcome return of this underrated and groundbreaking singer, and should more than satisfy the more open-minded fans of both Crisis and Ephel Duath. Salem’s Wounds also has crossover appeal to fans of bands like Ghost, Atlantean Kodex, Blood Ceremony, Jess and the Ancient Ones, Moonspell and Enslaved. It’s definitely one of the better, and most interesting, debuts 2015 has to offer." - Hardrockhaven.net

"Gorgeous swaths of melody-rich experimental metal that inexplicably feels like it’s in pursuit of something otherworldly”-DECIBEL